Marketplace Integration Solution​

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Integration Solution features

One of the best methods for businesses to increase sales and visibility is to sell on Marketplaces. However uploading & managing product catalog, managing inventory and orders on various marketplaces is resource intensive for businesses.

Configuration Settings

One time setting to control which products get auto-listed on each marketplace and which don't. Of course you can change these settings anytime you want.

Category Mapping

Map your categories to individual marketplace categories, so you never have to hassle of category management.

Listing Management

Delete listing. update listing. manage pricing all from within ecommercemarketingx for all of your marketplace.

Inventory Management

As and when you receive & fill orders, ecommercemarketingx will update inventory on all marketplaces in an automated manner, so you never cancel an order due to product shortage.

Order Managements Including Refunds

ecommercemarketingx aggregates order from all marketplaces and allow you to view & manage all orders and add shipping details all from within ecommercemarketingx.

Shipping & Logistics Management information

Process return and accurately provide full & partial refunds from withing ecommercemarketingx.

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Following are the list of salient features that are included in the Marketplace(s) Integration Solution

  • Marketplace(s) solution supports multiple Marketplace(s) accounts.
  • Marketplace(s) solution supports multiple synchronization strategies that can be applied to relevant listings (Multiple updates based on quantity, price, etc.)
  • Marketplace(s) solution allows you to schedule tasks related with inventory updates, order imports and updates shipment information against orders on Marketplace(s) using Cron-jobs.
  • Order fulfilment process is reflected on Marketplace(s) when shipment is created. Shipment Tracking number and associated details are posted on Marketplace(s).
  • There could be flexible settings for Marketplace(s) Transactions and Customer information, which can be set for each Marketplace(s) account individually.
  • With Marketplace(s) solution the retailer would be able to cancel an order from within our platform and the same order would be cancelled on Marketplace from which that order had originated.
  • Marketplace(s) solution empowers the retailer to handle full and partial refunds from within the Market Integrate and the settlement is reflected on Marketplace from which the order had originated.
  • Listings Log – provides full information about listings during their life cycle (creation, addition to a catalog, listing on Marketplace(s), and product related changes in price, quantity, manufacturer SKU # orders and their subsequent details).
  • Will fully integrate into your e-Commerce Cart order processing work-flow.
  • The solution empowers the retailers to import orders from Marketplace(s) to a centralized system, empowering retailers to always be in control.
  • Marketplace(s) Solution posts inventory on Marketplace(s), handles mark-outs, red-outs, out of stocks, cancelled merchandize, closed out items & lead times with no human intervention.
  • The solution lists SKU’s on different marketplaces without any human intervention (based on business rules and logic)
  • Hourly, daily and weekly (as per user selection) updates of inventory on different marketplace(s). If an item becomes unavailable (or goes below the threshold quantity) on your e-Commerce store the solution would mark it as unavailable for sale on the Marketplace(s), thus reducing the pre-fulfilment cancellation ratio which reduces customer service incidence and more importantly increases customer satisfaction. This feature ensures compliance when it comes to Marketplace(s)’s policy for retailers on pre-fulfilment cancellation ratio.
  • Supports Import of Category from Marketplace(s).
  • Supports Category Mapping with Marketplace(s). Your inherent categories are mapped with the last leaf category of Marketplace(s).
  • Charge When Ship (Capture funds based on your account settings/ account type on Marketplace(s)).
  • Posting of Tracking Information against orders backwards to Marketplace(s).
  • Ability to fully and partially refund Marketplace(s) orders.
  • Supports UOM (Unit of Measurement) information for Marketplace(s) item feed.

Integrate Marketplaces

Integrated with the following marketplaces within United States

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