Seamless Marketplace Integration Solution

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Market Integrate

One of the best methods for businesses to increase sales and visibility is to sell on Marketplaces. However uploading & managing product catalog, managing inventory and orders on various marketplaces is resource intensive for businesses.
Configuration Settings

One time setting to control which products get auto-listed on each marketplace and which don't. Of course you can change these settings anytime you want.

Category Mapping

Map your categories to individual marketplace categories, so you never have to hassle of category management.

Listing Management

Delete listing. update listing. manage pricing all from within ecommercemarketingx for all of your marketplace.

Inventory Management

As and when you receive & fill orders, ecommercemarketingx will update inventory on all marketplaces in an automated manner, so you never cancel an order due to product shortage.

Order Managements Including Refunds

ecommercemarketingx aggregates order from all marketplaces and allow you to view & manage all orders and add shipping details all from within ecommercemarketingx.

Shipping & Logistics Management information

Process return and accurately provide full & partial refunds from withing ecommercemarketingx.

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One of the best methods for businesses to increase sales and visibility is to sell on Marketplaces.

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Integration Solution

Marketplace Solution

Marketplace(s) solution supports multiple Marketplace(s) accounts.

Multiple Synchronization

Marketplace(s) solution supports multiple synchronization strategies that can be applied to relevant listings (Multiple updates based on quantity, price, etc.)

Schedule Tasks

Marketplace(s) solution allows you to schedule tasks related with inventory updates, order

Integrate Marketplaces

Integrated with the following marketplaces within United States